In 2006, I had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England -along with my Washington University classmates. I remember going to the Delmar Loop to find some earrings to take with me. As I strolled along the Boulevard, I spotted the most enchanting shop called "Diversity Gallery." When I entered, it felt like I had been translated to another amazingly beautiful dimension!! The cozy space was jammed-packed with unique African and African American artwork, tapestries, beauty products, fragrances, and jewelry! I was so amazed and delighted! Then, a beautiful, charming woman emerged from the back of the shop, turned on some improvisational jazz, and burned some heady incense. She had these perfectly coifed honey brown locks that she wore on the top of her head-I knew I was at home. "Welcome to Diversity Gallery, I'm Leslie, may I help you?" I was speechless-at first-because she was so regal and confident in who she was. She was everything I wanted to be. I explained what I wanted and where I was going, and we began to talk about everything. By the time I left, she had transferred some of her confidence to me and I have never been the same. Today, she is my mentor and still pours blessings into my life. If you are looking for an experience that will change your life, then step into Diversity Gallery, it will be the best decision you've ever made.

Myah Maedell Singh
Owner - Theatre De La & Luxury Pillow Designer

Hey Leslie just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. From the first day I came into your shop you never sold me anything that I didn't need. You have always been that person that keeps it 💯 and I will always love you for that. I'm on a new hair journey in my life and I look forward to your guidance and expertise. Thanks again for everything!

Vanessa Whitfield
Consumer Advocate, Centene Corporation

Leslie is a consummate professional. Diversity Gallery is always clean, Leslie always keeps her appointments on time and the quality of her work is always top notch. Leslie offers consultations that are thoughtful and she leans in to what her client really values regarding their hair. I am so happy to have started my natural hair experience at Diversity Gallery!

Heath Norton
Owner - Title Boxing Club

I came to Leslie for a consultation for locs, she was my third and final stop as I was ready to give up and say forget it. From my first point of contact, via text, to arriving at her shop and actually meeting her I was impressed, but still hesitant. My consultation turned into a SAME DAY appointment; now six months later, I am extremely pleased with my results and I receive compliments anytime I’m out. Leslie is definitely a Loctician that knows her stuff, and has me as a customer for my loc journey & beyond.

Adrian Bowman
Southwest Airlines

I chose Diversity Gallery 10+ years ago when I made the transition to wearing my hair In it’s natural state. Leslie is amazingly knowledgeable about how to obtain and maintain your natural hair. She believes is using natural hair care products that benefit your lifestyle and your hair care routine. The fact that Diversity Gallery also is a boutique that offers fashionable clothing, jewelry,and etc is a definite bonus. The experience of working with someone who is punctual, efficient and effective at their craft- all in an intimate, intentionally peaceful space, always makes me feel great about supporting a black owned business who also supports black owned hair care products and accessories! Leslie, with Diversity Gallery is UNMATCHED and there was no one else I trusted to get me started in my loc journey.

Dr. Candace Wakefield, DDS
Owner - Children’s Dental Zone

My natural hair excursion began 21 years ago with me meeting Leslie! She has not only been my loctician but now is my family! There are three generations she’s been providing the best service to over the years, which include my mother, my daughters and me. We are so grateful for Leslie and Diversity Gallery as she is truly staple in the community!

Freda Jones
Education Community Compliance, Youth In Need
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